Alfred Samuels

Alfred Samuels has written a remarkable book, 'Invincibility In The Face Of Prostate Cancer - Coming Out The Other Side', about his life since being diagnosed with stage four advanced metastatic prostate cancer in January 2012. His mission to now to challenge men's attitudes and the taboo surrounding prostate cancer.

The book is based on the diaries that has kept since 2012 and is an astonishingly raw, emotional and inspirational story of how the condition has impacted on his body, mind, family, work, finances and approach to life.

There is also a beautiful love story at the heart of it and the great news is that Alfred's PSA level is now negligible and his health is good and he has been able to resume his career as a security advisor who specialises in the music industry with clients ranging from Bob Dylan, Sade and Spandau Ballet to Oasis, Rod Stewart and Beyonce.

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