Dan Olsen

Dan Olsen is a singer-songwriter and runner who came 3rd in the 2015 Go Dad Run 5K in London. He spent the first 19 years of his life in the Faroe Islands where he represented their national U21 team at football before moving to Denmark and Australia to study Business.

After finishing his degree he decided to follow his passion of music and moved to Sydney where he played in pubs and bars and then relocated to London in 2014. During the past two years he has been writing songs and playing shows all around the UK, as well as taking part in a 20 date stadium tour in Russia and he's just finished recording his new album in Nashville.

In April 2016 Dan signed his first major UK record deal with Trillion Records,Universal Music Group, and he has just signed one of the largest record contract deals for a Western artist in China with Ru Records and will be touring around China in June 2016.

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