Errol McKellar

Errol McKellar is a car mechanic who owns a garage in Hackney, London and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. He didn't have any symptoms read a leaflet in the waiting room of his GP and asked to be tested. His PSA level came back a bit high and further tests revealed he had prostate cancer. In February 2011 Errol had an operation to remove his prostate and went on to have three months of radiotherapy and has now been given the all clear, although he is dealing with some side effects from his treatment.

As well as being a youth team coach at Leyton Orient FC and a passionate advocate of community activity and support for young people, Errol has spoken to thousands of men and helped save the lives of almost 30 of his customers who would not otherwise have been aware they had prostate cancer.  He encourages men who come into his garage to go and speak to their GP about their risk and have a PSA test, and in return he offers them discounts on their MOT.

"I say to my customers, when was the last time you had your prostate checked? You brought your car in here for me to check because there's a problem. Do you know what's going on in your own inside? Men need to talk about it – even if they don't want to. I talk to men of all ages. I talk to women too – because they get the message across to their men. I try and spread the message every single day. I want to reach men before it's too late. I really believe we can beat this."

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