Q - Will there be Sanlam Go Dad Runs in 2017?

A – Yes ! There will be seven Go Dad Runs in 2017. One each month between April and October.

Q - What age do I have to be to enter a Sanlam Go Dad Run 5K?

A – Any man or boy of any age can take part in a Go Dad Run 5K and U10's can join in for free ! 

Boys between the ages of 0 and 15 years cannot enter individually and must be entered as an additional entrant where the primary entrant is over 18 and has the permission of the parent or legal guardian of the additional entrant.

16 and 17 year old boys can enter individually but cannot enter participants under the age of 16.

Men aged 18 and over can enter individually and be the primary entrant for an additional entrant who is aged 0-15.

Q – Do you have to be a Dad to take part in the 5K?

A – Absolutely not! We are hoping that loads of Dads will be persuaded to sign up and take part but the event is open to any male - Dads, sons, grandfathers, uncles, nephews, brothers, cousins or friends.

Q – When I enter the Sanlam Go Dad Run What is included in the entry fee?

A – As well as participation in the race registered runners get a T-shirt and Y-fronts before your run and a Big Yellow Draw-string Bag and a medal after you have crossed the finishing line. And all runners aged 10+ will also receive a timing chip so that we will be able to provide accurate information as soon as you have crossed the line. This applies for the 10K's as well as the 5K's.

Q – How much is the junior entry fee for 0 - 9 years olds in the Sanlam Go Dad Run 5K?

A – The event is free for 0 - 9 year old boys.

Q – How much is the entry fee for 10 - 17 years olds in the Sanlam Go Dad Run 5K?

A - Entry costs £11.50 for 10 - 17 year old boys and this includes chip-timing.

Q – How much is the adult entry fee for the Sanlam Go Dad Run 5K?

A – Entry costs £16.50 for men aged 18+ and this includes chip-timing.

Q - How old do I have to be to enter the Sanlam Go Dad Run 10K?

A - You need to be 16 years old or older on the day of your race.

Q - How much is the entry fee for the Sanlam Go Dad Run 10K?

A – Entry costs £21.50 for men aged 16+ and this includes chip-timing.

Q - How long will the Earlybird offers be available?

A - The Earlybird offers will be available until three months before each Go Dad Run apart from the first event in Sunderland where it will be available until two months before the Go Dad Run.

Q – Can I run the 5K or 10K with my daughter?

A – Unfortunately not, as this is a male only event but we'd love her to come along on the day and support you

Q – When can I collect my T-shirt and pants?

A – They will be ready for you to collect at the venue when you sign in so please bring your relevant paperwork with you so that we can whisk you through and kit you out as fast as possible. You will also be given your timing chip and start number.

Q – What time does my event start?

A – You can find full details of the start times and location of each event in the 'Find Your Event' section of the website when they are confirmed.

Q – Can I walk/jog rather than run, or is it a race?

A – Yes, you can run, walk or jog. Some people will want to go fast but others will be jogging and walking. Remember it's supposed to be fun and raise the issue of men's health so we aren't expecting you to race against the other participants – unless you want to, of course!

Q – Will you be timing the runners at the 5K and 10K runs?

A – Yes, all registered runners receive a timing chip and we have a result service on site.

Q – When do entries close?

A – We have a maximum capacity and places are booked on a first come first served basis so we really recommend that you enter as soon as you can when registration opens in the Autumn. They will close at midnight on the evening before each race.

Q – How do I enter the Sanlam Go Dad Run?

A – All entries are via the Sanlam Go Dad Run website.

Q – Can I enter on the day of the race?

A – The events are very popular and we do sell out quite quickly. We recommend you enter online as soon as possible but we may accept entries on the day depending on the capacity remaining at each location. Please check the Sanlam Go Dad Run Facebook and Twitter for updates nearer the time.

Q – If I am unable to take part in the day can I get a refund?

A – Unfortunately we will not be able to refund your entry fee but you can pass your entries to another runner so long as they are male and in the same age bracket.

Q – What happens if the Sanlam Go Dad Run pants don't fit me?

A – That doesn't matter as you can wear them on your head or wrap them around your arm or wrist – we'd love you to be as imaginative as possible with the way that you wear your pants!

Q – Will there be a place for me to store my possessions while I run?

A – Yes, there will be limited free facilities on site but please note that all items are left at the risk of the owner so we encourage everyone to come 'run ready' if possible

Q – Are toilets available?

A – Yes at all the event hubs.

Q – Are refreshments available?

A – Yes, there will be local refreshment providers at each run.

Q – Will there be first aid points on the route?

A – Yes, there will be fully qualified and identifiable first aiders at each venue.

Q – Can I run in fancy dress?

A – Yes, you can run in fancy dress but please still wear your Sanlam Go Dad Run pants!

Q – Can I compete in the 5K or 10K with my pet dog?

A – No, sorry. Pets are not allowed on the courses because of safety issues.

Q – Can I take part in the 5K or 10K using a scooter, roller blades, roller skates or skateboard?

A – No, none of these items will be allowed on the course because of safety issues

Q - Why is there not an event in my area?

A - We would love to have Go Dad Runs in every part of the UK but we are still a young event and are building steadily and adding more events as we can afford to stage them. We hope to be bigger each year and maybe have an event in your area soon!

Q- Can I volunteer to help at one of the Go Dad Runs?

A - Yes! We'd love to hear from you so please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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